Network Settings

You successfully installed Native Oberon.

Native Oberon Installation

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The whole network installation can be described by three points:
1. Select and install network card
2. To modify the lines in the configuration file Oberon.Text
3. To start Network.System by command "NetSystem.Start"

1. Select and install network card

Then you can see what network card you need to go online:
PC Native Oberon Hardware Compatibility List

Basiclly there are two drivers:

| Controller               | Vendor / Device | Status | Driver     |
| 3C905C-TX Fast Etherlink | 10B7H / 9200H   | tested | Net3Com90x |
| RealTek RTL-8029(AS)     | 10ECH / 8029H   | tested | NetNe2000  |

I've test with both: on 3Com905C-TX and on cards with RealTek RTL-8029(AS) chip.

2. Modify the lines in the configuration file Oberon.Text :

Edit.Open Oberon.Text

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Find section "NetSystem":

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Modify strings in three sections of "NetSystem":

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You must look your current network setting in device which has a router's role:
"DNS IP address"
"host IP address" (any free IP address from your local network)
"router IP address"

You can type Google's DNS IPs or your local.
Copy the name of your device driver to "Device0={" ", ""}" string.
Type host IP address, router IP address and netmask.

There is no DHCP service in Native Oberon, but anyway you will put IP addresses as Static

For example, look at my settings: and - as default DNS IPs from Google
I have RTL-8029(AS) NIC, so I chose NetNe2000, - IP address of Native Oberon Host, - IP address of Router, - netmask of local network

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3. Start Network.System by command "NetSystem.Start"

Type and Tap the command "NetSystem.Start", if there are no mistakes in Oberon.Text
or your NIC is good you will see in System.Log, that the NetSystem successfully started

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You can test by any other PC just to command "ping"
or in Native Oberon put asterisk by F1 in "text space"
and type command "Desktops.OpenDoc"

If there is some mistake in Oberon.Text or bad NIC, NetSystem doesn't start.

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